Venom Origin Story With A Twist

The Marvel Venom movie is more of a Venom Origin Story with a twist starring Eddie Brock and Anny Weying from the comics… In the Venom comic book story line, Venom is born in Eddy Brock by way of a symbiotic suit Spiderman disposed of. If you recall in 2007’s Spiderman 3, Sam Raimi went straight up comic book with Topher Grace (who played Eddie Brock) dawn the symbiotic suit at the bell tower where Peter Parker left the suit after ripping it off his skin!

Venom Origin Story

In the upcoming Venom movie, which is set for release October 5th, Eddy Brock comes into contact with Venom by way of a symbiote at a lab he was reporting on… In the movie, Ruben Fleischer includes Carlton Drake and the Life Foundation, which is not introduced in the comics until Venom Lethal Protector, which was a six-part limited series published in 1993. In the series, The Life Foundation is portrayed as Venom’s greatest enemies. Furthermore, it wasn’t The Life Foundation that came up with the symbiote Venom; they spawned five other symbiotes FROM Venom after being taken prisoner by The Life Foundation.

Venom Origin Story

Now that we’ve broken down Venom’s history, let’s get into why it focuses on Eddie Brock making the film a Venom Origin Story… Total Film Magazine released some images that focus on both Eddy Brock and Anny Weying played by Tom Harding and Michelle Williams. Tom Hardy is one hell of an actor, and his experience with anger issues like that of playing Tom Conlon in 2011’s WARRIOR makes him the perfect candidate to play Venom.

Venom Origin Story

My only concern is the director’s decision to leave Spiderman out of the loop, considering Spiderman is the main reason for Eddy Brock fusing with Venom in the first place… There isn’t a moment in Venom’s history from being a straight up villain to being the anti-hero where Spiderman isn’t involved… How this decision will effect the two other follow-ups Tom Hardy signed onto remains to be seen, but hey, I’ll still be in the theatre with soda and popcorn in hand!

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