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As I was searching Steam last night for a game fix, I began searching for something indie, and came across Undertale for $10. I got on Discord & contacted my friends to ask if they had ever heard of it… The conversation that ensued from that question was CRAZY! Rather than focusing on Undertale, the convo’s focus was all on Toby Fox!

In addition to contributing to The Comic Book Stash and other blogs like Corona Interactive, where I work, my friends and I are web developers and game designers. That being said, you can now get a glimpse of why the focus of our conversation was on Toby Fox… But more than that, Toby Fox did what many can’t, and that’s take on the entire Undertale project (with exception to art) by himself. We’re talking the idea, development, and musical score!

Before Undertale, Toby Fox was also involved in the musical composition of a webcomic called Homestuck by Andrew Hussie, which lasted only three years, but still buys him a crap load more points in my opinion, but I digress…

What I admire the most about Toby Fox was his motivation for working independently… He did not want to depend on anyone. It’sĀ for that very reason I chose to become a full stack web developer. The more control I have over a project, the better. What Toby Fox did with Undertale was nothing less than a HUGE undertaking, and we’re not the only ones who believe that either… Forbes chose Fox to be a part of their Games 30 Under 30 for his role or roles in developing Undertale! Undertale also won Game of the Year by many game publications. Metacritic gave Undertale universal acclaim with an average score of 92 out of 100!

So what kind of preparation would someone need to pull off an rpg like Undertale you ask? Well, in Fox’s case, his experience with game development was less than you would think… Although he had some experience based on using RPG Maker 2000, which he worked with his brothers while in highschool; creating a blockbuster like Undertale, you’d think he was working for a game developer or something.

Engine Used For Undertale:

The engine used for Undertale was GameMaker Studio by YoYo Games… Why GameMaker? Traditional RPGs tired and wanted to develop catchy characters, but not just any characters either… Fox already had a notebook full of interesting characters he had drawn in college, when the concept of Undertale first took root.

What Inspired Undertale?

As per Fox, three things inspired Undertale & although two were other games (Mario & Luigi and Mother), one was a show entitled MR BEAN… What about Mr Bean inspired Undertale? Well, for those who don’t know, Mr. Bean was a British comedy show that was based on titular character played by Rowan Atkinson (Dr Who) who was basically a child in a grown man’s body.

Platforms You Can Find Undertale In:

The platforms you can find Undertale in are: Windows, iOS, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.


Undertale’s plot is about a child who falls into the underworld where there are monsters. In order for the child to get back to the surface, you must complete certain tasks like solve puzzles and or possibly kill or negotiate for survival’s sake. There will be those benevolent connections you’ll make throughout that’ll teach you the rules & ways to get back home; however there are two things you will want to pay attention to: LV (Love = Level Of ViolencE) & EXP (EXection Points). The more love you raise, the more EXPs you gain.


The gameplay for Undertale is rather simple when discussing it; however, playing it is a different story altogether, because there are different ways in which you can… Undertale is an action or decision-based game in which the end can change based on your actions or decisions. Also, what makes Undertale so interesting is not so much that it uses a top-down perspective, but that there are different types of gameplay you can choose from. For example, you can choose not to kill, or choose to kill certain adversaries, decide to kill everything in sight… The decision you choose to go with will result in seven different endings: Neutral (Default), Pacifist, or Genocide… Neutral alone has over a dozen different variations, Pacifist can only be played if you at the very least completed one of the Neutral challenges, and Genocide can only be played if your entire run was killing everything in sight. As you can see, it is very involved, especially for just for a meager $10 investment.

In Conclusion

Undertale was initially created as a 2-hour length game, but it turned out to be so much more thanks to Fox’s decision to hold off, resulted in over 3 years of development. The game based on it’s first variation was supposed to be released in 2014, but instead it was released in 2015.

We give the game 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who is looking for something outside of the usual shot em up RPGs.

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