Steve Trevor Back In Wonder Woman 1984

Why is Steve Trevor back in Wonder Woman 1984? If you remember, Trevor died at the end of Wonder Woman in the plane carrying all the mustard gas Dr. Poison concocted… However, in the comic books, Steve Trevor has died a number of times, not to mention was resurrected as a result. But the question doesn’t cease… Why the hell is Steve Trevor back in Wonder Woman 1984?

Now, in order to even to get into this question, you’ve gotta know all his deaths and resurrections. It doesn’t make any sense to get into that without first knowing, so let’s get into it… Before we dive into his deaths, let’s get to know Steve Trevor a little bit first… Firstly, Steve Trevor has been around since 1941; not only he was imagined by both William Moulton Marston & H.G. Peter, but he was created to be one of Wonder Woman’s early love interests.

Being around this long, you know Steve Trevor’s character has been rebooted or reworked once or twice, and for that to happen, the character either needs to be broken mentally or killed off and resurrected. The best example of this is Jason Todd who died at the hands of Joker and resurrected by Ra’s al Ghul… Ra’s resurrected Todd because he felt responsible for his death in 1988’s Batman: A Death In The Family. This is how Jason Todd’s character was rebooted into Red Hood.

So how many versions of Steve Trevor’s character was there?

Steve Trevor’s Deaths

  • 1). 1969 – The original Steve Trevor was killed off, not to be heard from for almost 10 years.
  • 2). Steve Howard – Upon Steve Trevor’s death, Eros (God of Love) inhabited Trevor’s body.
  • 3). Steve Trevor (Earth 270) – After Eros’ essence was extracted from Steve Howard, Aphrodite (Eros’ mother) extracted the last of Steve Trevor’s memories from her son’s sub-conscience and implanted them to Steve Trevor of Earth 270. This Steve Trevor was then transported to Earth 1 to be with Wonder Woman.
  • 4). Justice League #50 – After the death of Darkseid, Grail turns Steve Trevor into a weapon by infusing the Anti-Life in to him… A prediction stating the first       man to step foot onto Themyscira will be deemed “The Chosen One”, puts Steve Trevor back on the map.

Steve Trevor Back In Wonder Woman 1984

This brings us back around to our first question, “why is Steve Trevor back in Wonder Woman 1984?” The answer could lie in any of these possibilities or not. However, it has been stated, based on Steve Trevor’s Members Only jacket worn in the previews we’ve seen that he is not a figment of her imagination.

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