Stan Lee Past Away

I can’t believe Stan Lee past away… As I type this article or obituary or eulogy, I still manage to stare at nothing thinking I can’t believe Stan Lee past away.

As a co-worker nonchalantly put it subsequent to me uttering those words out loud, “He Lived A Long Life”. But for someone who knew him as much more than a cameo in Marvel movies, I know what Stan Lee accomplished, and it was more than just live a long life…

Stan Lee’s Contributions

When you think of any one comic book writer at DC or Marvel Comics who has impacted this industry or for that matter readers by way of creating the endless bevy of iconic characters as Stan Lee managed to materialize, you really can’t think of anyone else to match Stan Lee up with (deceased or living). Sure, there’s Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, Frank Miller, Bryan Bendis, Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Bill Finger, and Geoff Johns, but how many iconic characters did they contribute to comics? Please, don’t misunderstand or confuse my message… The stories and characters these gentlemen have contributed to DC Comics & Marvel Comics have impacted my world as a devout comic book reader, but the fact remains that no other comic book writer or creator compares to Stan Lee’s contributions in terms of numbers, especially.

Stan Lee changed the way we saw superheroes

Stan Lee changed the way we saw superheroes… What he did was groundbreaking, which is why I feel Marvel (due mostly to Lee) has always had one up on DC Comics… Stan Lee created his characters with a complexity not seen in other superheroes at Marvel or anywhere else. They had bad tempers, made wrong decisions, and as a result there were consequences, lessons to be learned; lessons we all learned from their mistakes. Stan Lee humanized his characters during a time when superheroes were flawless. Stan Lee was the awesome version of Mister Rogers in the comic book world. There wasn’t a comic book I read written by Stan Lee that I didn’t learn something from! Aside from my wife, who just so happens to be my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Stan Lee helped make this troublesome kid into a better person… In fact, Stan’s biggest inspiration was his wife Joanie who (right after Stan receiving an assignment to create a new comic book character and about to leave Marvel Mystery Comics) suggested he right his own story. This is how The Fantastic 4 came to be!

As a collector of comic books, more often than not, I pick up a comic book written by Stanley Martin Lieber wrote and Jack Kirby illustrated about a character Stan Lee dreamed up. I owe a whole lot to Stan Lee and only hope he’s upstairs with his wife Joanie smiling while getting his hair cut.

As I conclude this post, I still find myself thinking, “I can’t believe Stan Lee past away”…

Thank you, Stan… Thanks for all the years you invested in providing us all with something wonderful to read!

Rest In Peace and Exelsior!!

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