Ruby Rose Playing Batwoman In 2018s Arrowverse

Ruby Rose playing Batwoman in 2018s Arrowverse, and I couldn’t be more excited! Anyone who has ever seen Rose in action will know she is the perfect person to carry the roll of Katherine (Kate) Kane. Rose starred in the last XXX movie starring Vin Diesel as Xander Cage who was recruiting badasses for his team. In the scene where Rose (Adele Wolffe) is in Africa scoping for poachers, she gets a call after shooting them all as they were about to kill a lion in the wild… Her answer to Xander’s question, “What are you doing?” was, “I’m evening the odds”, which was awesome!

Playing A Gotham Hero

Playing a Gotham hero, especially one related to Bruce Wayne, you gotta have that “Dark Side”, and I mean that for the actor playing the roll. You have to be able to carry the character or else it won’t work. Ruby Rose has that and more to play Kate Kane (Batwoman)!

A Little Batwoman History

Now, here’s a little Batwoman history that’s not only mentioned in any of the recent articles I’ve seen. Not to mention another reason why Ruby Rose is the perfect choice to play Batwoman… Although Batwoman appeared in 2006, it doesn’t mean her character was created in 2006… Batwoman was conceived in 1956 and appeared on Detective Comics #233 as a love interest to Bruce Wayne. She was created in order to battle allegations of his perceived sexuality (That’s Right!), but hasn’t appeared in any other comic book until 2006. This happened following the events of 2005’s Infinite Crisis. In fact for anyone born anytime after 1980 who read 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, you were lead to believe she didn’t exist, but that wasn’t true.

Batwoman’s Re-Imagined Character

Ironically, Batwoman’s re-imagined character was realized using Batman’s premise in 1956 of being gay… Also, DC re-imagined her related to Bruce Wayne rather than being a love interest like she was in 1956… This makes her the highest ever gay superhero character to appear in DC Comics! This is why Ruby Rose playing Batwoman in 2018s Arrowverse is so epic!!

Ruby Rose Playing Batwoman In 2018s Arrowverse

Seeing Ruby Rose Playing Batwoman In 2018s Arrowverse

We look forward to seeing Ruby Rose playing Batwoman in 2018s Arrowverse! This year’s Arrowverse begins December 9th at 8pm on The Flash, then again December 10th on Arrow, and once more on Supergirl December 11th at 8pm.

For a schedule of other comic book-inspired television shows premiering this year, check out our post entitled Comic Book Inspired Television, which gives you a full schedule of this fall’s lineup, network, and time.

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