Ever since the news broke about James Gunns firing from Disney over tweets he posted on twitter a decade ago, the wave of co-stars, fans, and even Seinfeld has been rolling over like a tsunami in order to get Gunn back on the director’s chair. But will all the hollering be enough?

About a decade ago, James Gunn had a moment where he thought nothing of posting some tweets… The tweets were heinous in nature, and as per Disney, “totally against their values”, which is why they claim to have fired him.

Since the news broke out, a slew of celebrities have come to his defense, including Dave Bautista who plays the character of Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. Bautista went as far as to compare Disney to Trump. Was that a smart thing to do? Probably not, but as they say, “This is a free country”… One may also say Bautista was simply exercising his right to freedom of speech. However, in corporations as big as Disney, democracy is normally thrown out the window. Let’s just hope Bautista isn’t thrown out with it for his comments.

Here’s the reality of the situation as it stands in terms of Gunn’s chances of getting his job back with Disney: Slim To None… For this scenario to even play out, Disney would have to back peddle publicly and state they were wrong and further admit to standing for the heinous things he said. Again… Disney? A family-based company standing for comments of pedophilia and rape? What do you think his chance of getting his job back is?

The news of James Gunns firing from Disney has happened during what’s being dubbed the “Me Too Era”, which doesn’t help his case in the least… High ranking male officials from Hollywood, the boardroom, and Washington are falling like flies for their past indiscretions against women in the workplace, which in some cases go back at least twenty years.

Could there be a silver lining in all of this? There was talk about James Gunn being approached by Marvel’s competitor located across the street. James Gunn even went as far as to comment that he was indeed approached by DC about directing a movie. However, there was never any mention as to when he was approached. For all we know, it could’ve been two years ago.

There’s always a lesson to be learned in everything we do or don’t do. In this case, no matter how low or high you may be in life, put the phone away when you want to post something stupid on your social media profile. And if in doubt, at the very least, ask someone before you hit the submit button.

Here’s my question, “how do you feel about James Gunns firing from Disney?” Was Disney wrong or right in letting him go? Leave your comment in the box below.

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