Ironic How Blockbuster Was Done In By Netflix

It’s totally ironic how Blockbuster was done in by Netflix, when they could be done in by someone else’s content!

ironic how Blockbuster was done in by Netflix

Think about it for a moment… Blockbuster, for twenty years ruled the home movie universe, with 9000 store fronts during their peak years. Now, that this number has dwindled down to only one store (located in Bend, Oregon), Netflix could be looking at the same end or worse due to lack of original content.

What does not having your own content mean? Take Disney or Warner Bros for instance, who own the two biggest comic book publishers in the world respectively… DC Streaming Service, which is already here is set to show DC Comic Book Titles, which Disney Owns outright. Whether the content is a few months old or a few decades old, it makes no difference whatsoever! Owning your own content means Owning Your Own Content!

This means the same for Disney who not only owns all the rights to Marvel & Star Wars, but they also just rently acquired all Of 20th Century Fox, which means owning the rights to a whole lotta content!

Forget about the fact that the cancellation of Ironfist & Luke Cage could be the end of the Marvel Netflix partnership, look at what else Marvel/Disney alone could take away from Netflix!

So where does this leave Netflix? Netflix has been on a buying spree acquiring rights in order to stay relevant! Here are some facts… The days of shaking hands & signing multi-year contracts in order to turn a movie into a weekly series is over. In today’s world of streaming video, you must own the rights; if not, you’re done, and that’s a fact!

With the rights to The Chronicles Of Narnia and Avatar: Airbender, they’ll have something they’ll own and can build upon, but will it be enough?

This is kind of ironic seeing that how Netflix took Blockbuster down was due to sheer convenience. That convenience is now costing Netflix seeing that the convenience now lies in the hands of the company owning the rights to stream the content. It’s the only break Blockbuster will ever have.

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