Facsimile Edition Comic Books

Facsimile edition comic books are possibly the best option to those of us who are unable to shell out an absurd amount of cash for a particular comic book issue. Check this out... Before hitting the sack, I'm on inbox reading emails; one of which was a call to action from a familiar comic book vendor I've personally purchased comic book variants from. Well, this particular cta was for a Incredible Hulk 181 facsimile edition. Now for those of us who don't know what a facsimile edition is, allow me to explain...

Facsimile edition comic books

A facsimile edition is a republished book of an original. In the case of Hulk 181, a 0.5 CGC Rated original issue of this comic is right now pricing out at $625.00... That's a 0.5Rated Comic Book! It's not even rated a 1 and it's going for $625!! A 9.0 CGC rated issue is currently worth $5,901! The most expensive CGC Rated copy of Hulk 181 is $29,100.00... This is the reason facsimile editions exist - they're limited and in many cases come in variants, which can be worth a little more depending of course on the issue and amount printed.

So why Hulk 181? What's the significance in this issue? Great questions! The reason this comic book issue is so significant and why after all these years it's still a hot commodity is not because of The Hulk, so let's get that outta the way right neow! A little history on this issue... Firstly, Hulk 181 was published by Marvel Comics on November 1st, 1974, which was almost 45 years ago! Secondly and most importantly it was the issue where Wolverine made his first full appearance (BOOM!!!) There have been many theories on why the price is so high; one of which being Stan Lee's (R.I.P.) passing, but Wolverine wasn't created by Stan Lee, but he was the editorial director of Marvel at the time. However, if we were to entertain that theory, it might (MIGHT) be a reason why it (let's say a 9.2 CGC rated copy) increased in value from $4100 in 2017 to $4950 by the end of 2018.

I don't know if I would say that a facsimile edition of a comic book helps in this respect, but if you don't have the money for a decent copy of Hulk 181 or any other significantly historic copy of a comic book, I can see where having the next best thing is useful for the collector. As mentioned before, a facsimile edition of a comic book issue like Hulk 181 can be worth a little only because of the significance it has to comics as well as it being a limited (modern) variant of said comic book issue.

So, if you're a collector like me who doesn't have at least $5k laying around for a near-mint copy, then a facsimile edition would work... Nowhere near the bragging you would do for having the real deal in your collection, but enough to put a smile on your face for keeping your ear to the ground long enough to take advantage of getting your hands on a limited facsimile edition with variant cover. In fact, if you are interested in getting your hands on a facsimile edition of Hulk 181 with variant cover, then your moment is tomorrow is tomorrow, March 6th 2019 at 8pm:

Facsimile edition comic books

Vendor: Frankie's Comics

Website: https://frankiescomics.com/

Contact: https://frankiescomics.com/community/contact

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