Empty Comic Book Shops

This afternoon I stopped by one of my friendly neighborhood comic book shops to find it utterly empty… I don’t just mean physically empty, but soulless as well. The guy that’s usually there is always watching something on his computer, while I, a customer, nay – A Comic Book Fan is walking around aimlessly looking at countless beautiful comics. How can a comic book shop have such a soulless air to it. As Barbershops are a place to shoot the shit, Comic Book Shops should be a place to have epic convos!

That guy should be on his feet starting a conversation about how Josh Trank should be apologizing for that epic failure. I would then follow that up with how DC got it all wrong with following up Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy with Batman vs Superman!

There’s just so many wasted opportunities with starting epically great convos in comic book shops, that it just makes me want to cry!

I’m not sure what’s going on in your neighborhood Comic Book Shops, but if they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, then please, attach a photo or video of the Comic Book Shops Team near you in the comment box below, so that I may then show it to the douche behind the counter in mine!

If you have yet to experience any of the comic book shops in your area, or don’t know where to find one, click HERE & type in your zip code in the designated area!

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