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The DC Streaming App price has finally been made available and we cannot wait to check it out for ourselves! For those of us already committed to Netflix and/or Hulu, there’s no telling how the DC Streaming App will affect those other outlets, However, for those who don’t mind adding another streaming channel to your credit card, here’s the scoop:

Unlike other streaming services, the DC streaming app was created for the Comic Book Fan, more specifically, the DC Comic Book Fan… We’re talking original DC series like the upcoming live action TITANS, which starts this fall! As 2019, there’s plenty to keep us all busy… Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Star Girl, Swamp Thing, and Young Justice: Outsiders.

But we’re not yet done, folks… The DC Streaming App, which works on Smart TVs, Smart Phones, & tablets will also have DC Digital Comics!! In addition to that, DC’s app will include movies as well as a shop to purchase DC Merchandise at for members only, though. The kicker though is in the DC Fan Forum and DC’s Interactive Encyclopedia available to you 24/7/365!!!


Now let’s get down to brass taxes… DC is going all out with getting us to sign on; so much so that they’re willing to part with 20% if you commit right now for an entire year!! The monthly fee is $7.99 x 12 months + $95.88… Sign up now for a year and pay only $74.99 Plus…

Here are the details:

DC Streaming App

You Can Sign Up Right HERE!

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