Could This Be The End of The Marvel Netflix Partnership

Could this be the end of the Marvel Netflix partnership with both Ironfist and Luke Cage cancellations?

There are too many signals pointing at this possibility with the cancellation of two (soon to be 3) major Marvel/Netflix original series…

As we all know, with DC’s streaming service already underway, it’s no surprise to hear that Disney will have its own streaming service as well. But what does that mean for other streaming services such as Netflix when Disney, which owns Marvel & Star Wars brand, plus most recently 20th Century FOX?

Although Netflix stock surged 15% after earnings reports this past week, how much longer will the stock continue to rise? The only way we see Netflix ever surviving Disney & DC is to acquire rights of its own like The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar The Last Airbender… These rights will allow them to either develop new movies or even better television series, which is their plan.

This begs the question, “Will Disney Be Developing Their Own Marvel Shows”? Will they be developing their own Luke Cage, Ironfist, & Jessica Jones? With their upcoming live action series “TITANS”, it’s only a matter of time DC will come up with their own live action Batman or Dark Knight series, which no one’s been able to do.

What are your thoughts? Will Netflix make it through the storm or will DC & Disney do them in?

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