Comic Book Wisdom

As I was looking through my Twitter feed this yesterday, I came across some really good comic book wisdom from Stan Lee, which reminded me of when I was a kid. Back then, I had my very own Comic Book Clique; we would meet every Saturday and once a month we would discuss the most recent issue. This went on for for a long time; however, as we grew older life placed us in different places. For years, I was the only kid in the bunch, until I was at comic book shops and don’t get me started on the Internet! There were chat rooms filled with comic book geeks like me, making references of quotes made in comic books I had read years before! I remember responding to one of those quote with a quip referring to why the quote was even said, and within moments  I’d see the screen light up with typed up laughter! It was the coolest thing since my days of meeting with my friends…

Comic Book Wisdom I Picked Up

Like Hip Hop in the 90s, Comic Books were frowned upon… Grownups or “Grups” (To all my Trekkies, Holla!!) thought comic books weren’t just a waste of time, but a threat to their children… What?! This couldn’t be further from the truth! I can’t speak for anyone else, but comic books were filled with stories and lessons I wasn’t getting at home or school for that matter… I remember finding a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (I still have it) at a neighborhood antique shop I frequented when I was eleven… I read Uncle Ben’s great quote, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. That quote still resonates today because if you’re in a place of power, be a light to those less fortunate! I also learned a lot reading Batman as well! For example, he can’t fly and he’s not indestructible… He’s a man of flesh and bones that makes one hell of an impact, which inspires others to make a difference too. This is just some of the comic book wisdom I picked up…

There’s The Reading

At the very least, there’s the reading… Comic books inspired me to want to read more! Reading comic books helped me stop stumbling on words, especially when reading aloud in class. They helped me read faster because of their story lines. As things escalated, I wanted to know how things ended that much faster, and that helped me.

Thank You Stan Lee

Thank You Stan Lee  for your comic book wisdom today! Comic books have given me so much and I have you and many others to thank for that!

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