Comic Book Inspired Television

Ever bothered counting the number of comic book inspired television shows there are today?? Let us be the first to say that Comic Book inspired television shows and movies are all the rage despite of what people at the Oscars think (Jack Black & Liam Neeson). It has been a multi-billion dollar genre for some time now, and it’s all thanks to Comic Books!

Comic Book inspired television shows such as, “Preacher, Outcast, The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Ironfist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Defenders, Supergirl, Lucifer, Gotham, Flash, and Arrow” are going into their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th season and beyond! All of this is attributed to comic books… One can also say that these shows have also encouraged people who have never read comic books in their lives to pick one up.

But let’s get into the reason this post was even conceived…  It’s important to have a 2018 schedule handy, so here it is:

    • Iron Fist (Season 2) / Netflix – 09/17/2018
    • The Walking Dead (Season 9) / AMC – 10/07/2018
    • The Flash (Season 5) / The CW – 10/09/2018
    • Black Lightning (Season2) / The CW – 10/09/2018
    • Riverdale (Season 3) / The CW – 10/10/2018
    • Supergirl (Season 4) / The CW – 10/14/2018
    • ARROW (Season 7) / The CW – 10/15/2018
    • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 4) / The CW – 10/22/2018
  •     Runaways (Season 2) / Hulu – 12/21/2018

There are more comic book inspired television shows coming are way in 2019 such as the much anticipated live action Titans, not to mention Watchmen, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing!

There are also more comic book inspired television shows in production such as Bat Woman, Quantum & Woody, Scarlet, Sin City, and more – lots more!!

Here at The Comic Book Stash, we are ecstatic of this continued development because comic books are… Well… The Shit! And as soon as you step into your first comic book shop, you’ll know what I mean, which brings me to this… Even though comic books are now made available through the comfort of your smartphone or tablet using apps like Comixology, remember there are Comic Book Shops located in every city & town! These shops can transport you to another world if you let it, so don’t forget about them.

Until next time… GRAKTUNG!!!

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