Black Panther For Best Picture

Can Marvel’s Black Panther For Best Picture be possible at The Oscars? Marvel’s Kevin Feige is most definitely betting on it! We just got wind of Feige hiring Oscar Strategist, Cynthia Schwartz to help Marvel… Her capacity is to place Black Panther for best picture in one of those famous envelopes!

The Motivation

The motivation behind this decision? As per Feige, it’s all based on the hard work and love Ryan Coogler put into making the film. Feige continued with reminiscing a few years back when Coogler sat opposite him… Coogler said he wanted to make a film based on questions he had about his past, about his heritage.

The Oscars is a ceremony this writer doesn’t subscribe to much anymore based on their decision to not take Comic Book Inspired Movies seriously. In 2015, Jack Black & Liam Neeson (who ironically starred in Batman Begins in 2005) made fun of the genre live on stage… Ironically enough, the one person who stuck his head out to defend Comic Book Inspired Movies was none other than James Gunn who was recently fired from Disney

It seems that next year The Oscars will be adding another category to their list: “Popular Film”, which frankly sucks, seeing their intention to separate movies like Black Panther from winning Best Film.

I for one hope they win Best Picture, not so much because I want them to take the genre seriously, but because Black Panther deserves the win!

What do you think about Black Panther being a nominee for Best Picture?

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