Are Comic Book Inspired Movies Ruining The Comic Book Collector’s Money

Are comic book inspired movies ruining the comic book collector’s money? I finally think this is the right question to be asking!

Anyone who has ever read my blog or twitter posts knows how I feel about the movie industry and what it’s doing to comic book stories…

Warner Bros & FOX are by far the BIGGEST culprits! All they see is bank, regardless of which side of the coin you’re on. They have literally ruined any chances of their movies to be great let alone ruined any chances of the comic book collector to make some honest money!

I mean, it makes you want to consider investing in Netflix… At the very least, they get it! They have been creative and raw in their interpretation. So why not invest? What’s their stock pricing out at now? Over $300 a share? They must be doing something right!!

You noticed I didn’t mention Marvel Entertainment or Disney, huh?? Do you see what Disney has done to Star Wars? That’s not to say what George Lucas did to episodes I, II, & III was any better, but at the very least you could say he was going through some real personal issues at the time.. What can be said about Disney’s decisions for VII & VIII, and let’s not forget SOLO! I mean, WTF??!!

The same could be said about Marvel, except they allow Feige’s vision, which at the very least is readable & somewhat entertaining.

If I were to invest my money in something comic book-related, it would be in Robert Kirkman’s “Skybound Entertainment”. I don’t know how he’s been able to swim with those network sharks and not get eaten alive, but so far he’s kept himself at the top with making sure everything remains relevant to his work… His company is centered around his comics, including The Walking Dead & Outcast, which are now award-winning television shows… There’s also been talk about one of my All-Time favorite comics coming to television as well, “Invincible”!

In addition to comic books & comic book-related (not inspired) tv shows, Skybound Entertainment is also in the video game space as well as VR. And they’ve also brought in some real quality creatives like Catherine Winder from Lucas Animation to head their Skybound North, which is located in Vancouver and focuses on top scale Canadian writing & production. This is by far “The Real”, which is my catchphrase as it pertains to as the Real Deal Comic Book Production Seal Of Approval!

How do you see Hollywood affecting comic books today?

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